8 weeks and moving Forward

Well, I have been seriously training for 8 weeks now. I like the word training, it infers something a bit more than exercise. I am training to get fit.  In 8 weeks I have lost 10 pounds. Since I lost 10 lbs. about 3 years ago that means I have a total of 20 pounds off my frame! I still have a ways to go. I don’t really have a goal weight. I think I can lose 15 more lbs., but it is hard to tell.  The  fitness journey I am on, isn’t about numbers, it is more about functional fitness. I am at a fun stage right now, people are noticing and commenting that I have lost weight.

I am still learning to let go of food in some ways. I eat plenty because I am eating better, more clean foods and less processed. I have not cleared out my cupboards, I would have a family revolt. Like weight loss, changing  eating habits is a process too. I am learning what works for me, what I will eat, not what I should eat, but deciding to eat better.

I realize that this next month is new territory for me. This is the time I go past how long I have stuck with  a program. I have confidence that I will with having more  support  than at any other time. I usually would go it alone, such an introvert. I am moving out of my comfort zone and engaging with others that are like minded and it is a tremendous help. My program is based on Boot Camp workouts with one day a week of personal training. The whole body work outs and ever changing exercises keeps the mind and the body guessing. You do not lull yourself into another workout. Boot Camp is invigorating, it stretches you past your norm.


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2 responses to “8 weeks and moving Forward”

  1. Melody says :

    Blessings on your journey into new territory. You got this!

  2. Christina Gledhill says :

    Awesome! Can’t wait to get you on a Ragnar team!

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